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The Benefit of the Free ManWe’re The Benefit of the Free Man. We call ourselves “chamber folk” but only because we don’t really know what else we could possibly call ourselves. The “folk” part leaves us scratching our heads a bit. Folk is such a general term now and encompasses so many different styles of music. I mean, we sound absolutely nothing like Woody Guthrie or Joan Baez. But we’ve been compared to everyone from The National to Bright Eyes to Iron and Wine. We all listen to a lot of different music, which accounts for our wide stylistic range.

We have cello and violin, thus the “chamber” part. These instruments are often run through pedals, giving them a fuzzy, distorted quality.

People have a number of different experiences throughout our shows. One song will have the crowd hushed. The next they might be chanting along. And they may be dancing for the song after.

This is our self-titled debut record, released in January. Have a listen and decide for yourself what you would call it.

Happy Sunday.

-The Benefit of the Free Man


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