Sunday, May 5th, 2013: Singles, New Releases, and Discoveries

20130315_115953_20130411142332614The title says it all- here are some new singles, new releases, and new discoveries for you to enjoy! Happy Sunday x

The Family Rain- Pushing It
SPIES- Distant Shorelines
The Tricks- Better
BAYY- Dreams
Minute Taker- Merge
The Thespians- Under Siege
The Making- Signals
Black Wolf Catch- The Pits
Geraint Rhys- Ble Mae’r Haul
The New Ages- Alive
Plainview- My Enemy
Christie Isaac- One
Delamere- Yeah
Olassa- Where Will I Live
Social Potion- Drive Myself Home
Grand Prismatic- Sad Bastard Music
St. Somebody- Pseudonym
Strangers- Something New [No Ceremony Remix]
Cat Meat- Struggle and Strife
Ruckus- Public Enemy

Alicia Atout

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