Getting Cozy With… Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless!

Mary Cassidy and Jon LawlessHi we’re Mary & Jon and we make music with each other as well as a variety of other projects including First Rate People. Here’s a little chat we had with each other re: our musical origins.

Jon: Hi Mary! So what do you think is most interesting about us? I know you’ve said something like we compliment each other.

Mary: Haha that is true. As for what is most interesting about us I think it’s our mutual appreciation. I think our brains and musical stylings are just very compatible.

Jon: I would agree but more specifically what musically does each of us bring to this duo? I’m probably the maximalist right??

Mary: Haha you bring in the production genius and I think I bring in simplicity.

Jon: There is definitely a sense of urgency I’ve noticed like most other things take a backseat when were really into something.

Mary: We’re both just really excited about what we’re working on.


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