Let Me Introduce You To… Turbo Fruits

Turbo FruitsI came across the band Turbo Fruits for the first time in 2010, when they supported Band of Skulls, my favourite band. It was a very grey and cold day and the people in the audience were quite bored and not very happy. However, things changed, when Jonas Stein (vocals, guitar and former member of Be Your Own Pet), Kingsley Brock (guitar, backing vocals), Dave McCowen (bass, backing vocals) and Matt Hearn (drums) suddenly went through the crowd to then get onto the stage.

They might have come out of nowhere, but the band from Nashville, Tennessee, rocked the show really well! With songs like “Murder”, “Volcano” (from their debut album Turbo Fruits) or “International Language of Love” (from the second album Echo Kid) in their repertoire, Turbo Fruits can appear everywhere and make people go crazy. If you then hear the song “Mama’s mad cos I fried my brain” which has lyrics like “Mama’s mad cos I fried my brain; lately things don’t seem the same; Brother’s dead and it’s killing me; Mama’s mad cos I fried my brain” or the song “Naked with you” you are more than ecstatic.

To my delight, Turbo Fruits released another album in 2012 called Butter, which actually is a bit more mature than the former ones, but still has the same significant wild and raw sounds as the first two albums and is really fun to listen to. My favourite track of this new record is “Harley Dollar Bill$”, a quite calm and silent track for Turbo Fruits.

Anyway, I’m not saying that very often, but this is one of the few bands of which I really like every single song! So please, take some time and listen to their songs, I’m sure you’re going to be blown away by all the energy the songs have.

Katrin Kugler

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