You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Khôra”

Kasper RosaI remember coming across a number of posters scattered around my university last year, advertising a small gig in a local venue I had never visited before. I didn’t know any of the bands on the line-up, and it wasn’t a free gig, but a friend and I decided we’d go anyway (I think we really liked the poster design; I’ve got one of ‘em on my bedroom wall right now). That was the night I was introduced to Kasper Rosa.

Kasper Rosa recently released Icebreaker, a two track EP that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for months now. I really enjoyed the EP as a whole, but, for me, Khôra is easily the better of the two tracks, and it has quickly become my favorite from the band, racking up an outrageous number of plays on my iPod in the space of two weeks.

It seems to me as though the band is becoming more comfortable in their own sound as time moves on; while earlier releases had a tendency to remind me of some of the post-rock or progressive rock/progressive metal acts that I was quite fond of at the time, Khôra seems uniquely Kasper Rosa’s. Vocals make a return, despite much of the band’s earlier material being entirely instrumental, and I must say, I’m glad they have; J and Steven’s voices seem to work together rather fantastically, and their vocal melodies add an extra layer of emotional depth to the track for me.

Of course, as a huge fan of instrumental music, the instrumentation tends to be where most of my attention is fixed, and the band hasn’t let me down there either; the band’s music is pretty consistent in its ability to successfully move from some obviously metal-inspired riffs and progressions to some incredibly mellow and laid back atmospheric soundscapes.

Overall, Khôra is probably one of my favorite songs so far this year.

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