Getting Cozy With… Murphy N Weller!

Murphy N WellerDear AMBY readers – I’m Murphy of Murphy N Weller, Originally from HelLA aka(Los Angeles) up until my teen years I moved back and forth from Oregon to LA – but as of now I’ve been planted in Portland. This solo project started in the fall of 2011 in no regards to playing shows, but now I’m really considering it.  A lot of my friends are in really good up & coming Portland based bands that have been pushing for me to start playing live and putting something out. So now its been about a year that I took a break from Murphy, making songs and never really finishing them and having all this unfinished material that was just sitting there… somehow I got out of that funk and now im actually doing it for GOOD  – as for live shows go I recently purchased a human android off Ebay to play live with me as a side kick, so that should be fun – anyhow Murphy N Weller has some exciting things coming up and will definitely be releasing an EP summer 2013, so stay tuned.



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