Getting Cozy With… These Kings!

These KingsYOYO, we’re These Kings from Birmingham. We are made up of Liam (vocals and guitar), Alex (lead guitar), Sam (bass) and Thomas (drums).

We were formed last year when we met in Burger King and decided whopper meals weren’t enough to fill the hunger in our stomachs. We wanted something more. Bun, burger, sweaty riff, lettuce, big drop, bun, with some mayonaisse in the middle. We’ve been called everything from math pop to progressive rock to contemporary art. It’s more big guitars and sweaty sweat.

We’re always gigging in and around Birmingham so catch us if you can. We even had a line in the NME, and since then we’ve been called an NME backed band like twice. Thanks NME.

Check us out if you ever have the time! We’re on SoundCloud and all that. Hopefully you like Open Arms too.

Big love,
These Kings


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