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Animal Beats
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Ireland’s Animal Beats have become a favouite. I came across their SoundCloud a few months back and ended up downloading all their songs. Then, one day my player was on random and this incredible track came on and I wasn’t aware of the artist- after listening to the song in its entirety, I checked who the artist was and saw “Animal Beats”, that’s when I knew this band were going to become a favourite! Between the positive energy, humour, and fun facts I discovered about the band, this interview immediately brought a smile to my face. Let it have the same effect on you as Animal Beats spoke with AMBY about touring anywhere in the world, their debut EP Cheap Carnival, and how they’ve been a band since the age of twelve!

AMBY: Hello Animal Beats, please introduce yourselves to AMBY!

Animal Beats: We are an Indie Rock band with fragments of pop from a small suburban area in Limerick, Ireland! We all grew up together and went to the same schools. Our mutual interest in music pushed us to start a band at the tender age of about 14!

AMBY: What’s the band been up to lately?

Animal Beats: Lately, we’ve been in the studio finishing our debut E.P ‘Cheap Carnival’ which features five of our favorite tracks. Aside from that, the writing process is always on going. We always like to use fresh ears to our advantage and play new material at our shows.

AMBY: Where did the name Animal Beats come from?

Animal Beats: The name ‘Animal Beats’ was certainly not the first! We must have went through about two or three band names until finally, at a small gig in the local youth center when we were still only about 15 and 16, we had to think of a name on the spot. One of the youth service volunteers, tall john, who we give a lot of the credit to was wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Manic Beats’ while Conor, our drummer, wore a jumper saying animal. Tall John suggested we string the two together thus creating our band name ‘Animal Beats’.

AMBY: Which Animal Beats’ song is your favourite?

Animal Beats: We all have our personal favorites, but it is probably a tie between ‘Wondering’ and ‘Water to Sand’. Both very different songs but we always get a great vibe of the crowd for both songs when played live!

AMBY: Speaking of favourite songs, we can’t get enough of Wondering. What’s the story behind the song?

Animal Beats: Basically, the song deals with them problems we deal with in the world and how people are becoming desensitized to them all. The song explains what people are like if someone was ‘Wondering’. The song as a whole is dark enough but the chorus portrays the idea of change.

Its started off with a simple idea John had on the piano. Conor, who funnily enough is not only our drummer but writes all the piano material for our songs, developed the song a bit more until the band came together to finish what is now one of our favorite and most personal songs to date .

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Animal Beats: Lately, I (Daniel) have been listening to a lot of Band of Skulls. Although we use a session keyboardist on stage now, we started off with just straight up guitar, bass and drums. Band of skulls features just the one guitar, bass and drums. Sometimes it’s incredible to hear a band stripped back and still produce this huge sound! We as a band always strive to create that big earth shattering sound in our live sets. We, Animal Beats, listen to a lot of ‘The Minutes’, another Irish band from Dublin. The same idea, this massive rock sound with only one guitar, bass and drums. We respect the hell out of those guys and have had the opportunity to play with them twice and have a few drinks with them.

AMBY: Which three of your influences would you love to hang out with for a day?

Animal Beats: Assuming you mean alive or dead!! Any Irish musician, no matter what genre you play, sees Phil Lynott as a true Irish legend. We all grew up listening to Thin Lizzy and even had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Scott Gorham (lead guitar) after one of the reunion shows but Phil was, and always will be the heart and soul of Thin Lizzy. That, and he looks like he’d be a great guy to have a Guiness with! Dave Grohl in all his glory, could pass on some wisdom and also looks like a cool down to earth character who’d enjoy a pint. And last but not least, Kings of Leon as a band have played a huge part in our music. We’ve grown as a band, but from the beginning their music has always just inspired us and driven us to stick to the music we love the most! Again, they also seem like a bunch of sound lads to have a few drinks with.

AMBY: If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Animal Beats: That’s a tough question, there’s so many amazing music capitals it’s hard to choose! ASIDE FROM CANADA, the U.S would be great to travel around. We’re spending three months in New York writing and playing so we’re very excited for that. We planned to spend the three months in Toronto this year but unfortunately it fell through! There’s always next year tho!!

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

Animal Beats: 2013 will hopefully be a busy year for us! After spending three months in New York we hope to officially release our debut E.P and tour a bit around Ireland.

AMBY: And last but never least, what’s something about Animal Beats that nobody knows?

Animal Beats: Something about Animal Beats that nobody knows? Hmmm…John, Daniel and Paul, believe it or not, were in a metal band before they formed Animal Beats!! A LONG long time ago. We’ve been playing music together since we were about 12 years old. Time flies!!


Thank you Animal Beats, for giving us your answers!

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