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Dutch UnclesBack in February, we interviewed Stockport’s Dutch Uncles. It feels like forever ago, but we instantly knew this was a band to keep an eye on. With much love for their record Out of Touch in the Wild, AMBY cannot wait for the band to tour into North America. To get a little taste of a Dutch Uncles gig, and the band’s personal favourites, Dutch Uncles Sped, Duncan, and Peter graciously spoke with us about their favourite gigs!


Sped – 16/2/2013 Manchester – Gorilla

This was our biggest headline show to date. It was also the day after my 25th birthday. Need I say more? I guess i should… I arrived at the venue at about 3pm, i had a new friend with me…. My girlfriend and family had all clubbed together and surprised me with a brand new Guitar, one i had wanted since i was a kid. Literally stunned to silence (a rarity.) I still hadn’t decided whether or not to use it that night, stretching out of my comfort zone on such a big gig might not be wise.

We’d been looking forward to this immensely since it was booked and announced some time last year, to sell it out in advance was brilliant. No greater feeling than turning up to a venue knowing that hours later, after sound checking, it’s going to be full to brim of people who love your music.

It was everything we thought it would be and more. So loud and warm, the coolest place in the venue would have probably been on stage, even with the lights. If you rewind 6 months+ to the times when you’re touring and you say, “We’re going to try out a new song…” and people just give you that vacant look as you play them a song called Fester, Nometo or Flexxin, and then jump to announcing it a month after the release of the album and hear the screams and applause as you begin clicking it, it’s an amazing feeling. That was happening. People just didn’t stop moving. We ended the show on our Record Store Day cover of Grace Jones – Slave To The Atypical Rhythm. Some people had heard rumours, and others literally had no idea, safe to say it was an absolute banger. Some Chic Guitar work, a sleazy bass line and one jazz piano solo later, the night was over.

The icing on the cake would definitely have to be the 600+ people singing happy birthday to me during the encore.

Unforgettable show.

Duncan Wallis – WU LYF – An Outlet

When the WU LYF boys played their first of a handful of shows at the cafe once known as ‘An Outlet’ on Dale Street, no one could have dared dream of the kind attention they would come to receive from across the nation… except for possibly themselves. It was extraordinary. For a few months on every fourth Friday, legions of The London music media, press and label executives would cram themselves on to the first train up north after work for a taste of a band that they were never going to understand nor get a shred of acknowledgement from.

All us local acts found it hilarious, and a lot of bands didn’t know where they stood with WU LYF’s new found attention and seemingly free choice to sign with whomever they pleased. But the one thing we could all agree on was that they had torn up the shaping of the industry in a way that hasn’t been seen in this city since the arrival of Factory Records

Being at the last one of these shows was something special, and reminding myself of their first ever show at the Tiger Lounge years before when they were known as ‘Vagina Wolf’ and showcasing all that promise that was on stage on this night, suddenly became a very scary thought.

Peter Broadhead – Kraftwerk and Steve Reich for MIF at Manchester Velodrome

The sun was shinning, drinks were flowing and there was a smile upon everyones face. Today is the day that two alternative titans will ceremoniously lock musical horns within the Manchester Velodrome.

3/5ths of the DU boys are attending along a flock of friends and family. We strutted into the central reservation of the Velodrome surrounded by the steep track and we knew it was going to be special.

Steve Reich rocked up first premiering his new dainty duelling guitar piece “2×5”. A cerebral guitar double helix piece with classic Reich-esque pulsing pianos, snappy drums and a mimicking tape track.

This was Steve’s ode to the rock scene and I could see where he was going. Well, the duelling Les Pauls helped cement this and made me purchase one!

Plus we even had a chance to grab a quick chat with the man himself and grab a cheeky signature.

Next up the pioneering Kraftwerk beamed onto the stage. They showered us with a pitch perfect blitzkrieg of sonic bliss alongside mouth-watering 3d visuals.

All the classic were thrown into the mixer, such as Autobahn, Robots (with actual robots), Radioactovitat, Die Mensch-MachineThe Model, Computer Love etc etc.

But todays crowning glory was Tour de France, which featured the Team GB cycling team whizzing round the track in seamless syncopation with the pulsing electronic rhythms.

As the gig came to a close and we boarded the train back to Marple, we knew we had witnessed something very special and future gigs will be hard to beat.


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