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The Koniac NetHey there everyone (reading this). We are the Koniac Net, hailing all the way from Bombay (India). Our debut album, “One Last Monsoon,” began as a solo project of mine (founder / composer David Abraham). Due to a string of unfortunate events, I decided to do this album by myself, predominantly recorded in my bedroom. Most of the songs off this album were written by me between 2000-2009. However, after gaining a lof of positive response from radio stations around the globe, I decided to get a band together, which currently consists of 5 members altogether.

We are currently working on a new EP. Although a majority of the songs on this EP were also written between 2003-2009, this will be the first time the entire band will be contributing to the writing process. The new EP shall bridge One Last Monsoon and our future 2nd album. My goal, with releasing my music  commercially / to the public, has always been to create music that sort of acts as a tribute to the music I am obsessed with, be it indie, alternative, shoegaze, hard rock, or even hip hop & new funk. There are no particular bands, but rather the genres of music themselves, that influence any given song of mine.

My endless gratitude to all that read / like / share this post. We are pretty ardent about acquiring a sponsor & therefore somehow pulling off a world tour. We’d LOVE to play at your ends of the world!

Do get in touch with me via any of the links listed here. I try to personally keep in touch with all fans and/or music enthusiasts. Much respect!

Band Members:

David Abraham – founder, composer, lead vocals, guitar

Jason D’Sousa – guitar & backing vocals

Ishaan Krishna – guitar & backing vocals

Adil Kurwa – bass

Karun Kannampilly – drums


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