Getting Cozy With… The Mites!

The MitesHey AMBY readers, we are The Mites from San Antonio, Texas.  As of now we consist of Allison on vocals, Raul on drums, and Reed on guitars and bass.  Allison and I (Reed) are currently dating and living together, which is how we find the extra time to pursue songwriting while going to college and working; Raul is one of our oldest friends from way back when and is also the best drummer we know!  Our debut EP “Spur of the Summer” represents a small batch of songs Allison and I began writing a couple summers ago after Allison stumbled upon an old notebook filled with poems she had written in high school.  She approached me with her lyrics, I whipped out my acoustic guitar, and the rest is history.  We recorded the EP ourselves in our bedrooms with a motley crüe of old Radio Shack microphones, an early-nineties Tascam portastudio cassette recorder, and a laptop.  This summer we plan to do it all over again (this time with a slightly upgraded home studio) as we make preparations for our debut full length album.  If you’re curious as to our sound, we have been compared to such acts as The Breeders, The Raincoats, My Bloody Valentine, Yo La Tengo, and many other early-to-mid nineties, girl-fronted rock bands.  Anyway, do check us out and enjoy!


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