Getting Cozy With… Silvergun & Spleen!

Silvergun & SpleenWe’re an Ottawa based quartet and we play music we like to call ‘pelvic rock’.

It’s rock that makes you want to thrust your pelvis.

Silvergun & Spleen is a band of 4 best friends,  passionate about life, making music and having fun.  That’s what this band is about.  We hope to transmit that to as many people as possible.  Our first LP, ‘Semi Truck’, was released in September of 2012 and we plan to tour it a whole bunch this year.  We love to keep busy on Facebook and twitter and we’re always posting new photos and fun stuff like that, so you should definitely check it out. Oh yeah, we’ll be releasing our very first music video for our single ‘Crack’ sometime in May 2013.  Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us, hope to catch you at a show!

Smell ya later!


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Alicia Atout

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