Getting Cozy With… Yellow Elevators!

Yellow ElevatorsYellow Elevators are a 4 Piece Psychedelic Groove, Rock and Roll band based in Sheffield, with members consisting of..

Travis Eaton – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Scarff – Drums
Callan Mellor – Bass
Tom Laffey – Guitar

We started out at the beginning of 2012 as an Indie band, under the name “The Silent Gestures”. However, fed up of the ‘same old same old’ we decided to take things a step further by changing our name, and style.

We are hugely inspired by the 60’s and 70’s era’s, these play a big role in the sound and style we try to produce in our music.

Our aim is to just keep producing music and to get as much of it down on record as possible, and also to keep gigging as much as we can.
We are mainly based in the Sheffield area of South Yorkshire UK.

You can keep a track on our gigs and what we’re upto on the following links.

Facebook // Twitter //

You can also find and listen to our music on our SoundCloud.

Hope you enjoy our stuff.

Yellow Elevators


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