Lovelife: Video Interview & Concert Review

LOVELIFEOn their Facebook, London’s Lovelife describe themselves as a “pop band”. But after meeting the band and watching them play live, it’s safe to say that Lovelife are a passionate and infectious pop band. The last time AMBY spoke with Lovelife was back in October. The band were set to release their very first EP El Regreso, and now they are soon releasing their third EP Stateless. It’s kind of crazy how fast time flies! Back in October, I mentioned to Lovelife’s Lee Newell how we really hope they play a gig in Toronto one day. Funny enough, that day came quicker than expected and the next thing we knew, it was time to interview the band in-person.

Aside from enjoying the music and anticipating the show, I was most excited to head down to The Mod Club to finally meet the band. I must say that Ally, Lee, Frank, and Sam are some of the humblest and kind people I’ve had the opportunity of meeting throughout my journey with AMBY. It was a real treat speaking with these lads, so have a look at our interview where we spoke about upcoming releases, their image, and sketchy yet hilarious parties!


After our interview, we got to stay for the gig and watch Lovelife’s first show in Canada! They sounded extremely tight, and the vocals were spot on. My favourite part of the concert was how the songs really came to life live; there was a certain groove carried throughout the set. The show was great, and it was easy to see they were energetic and played with a passion. It’s always gratifying to know how much a musician loves what they’re doing, because it makes us writers (and fans) want to share our admiration for a band with everyone.  Our first Lovelife experience was incredible, and we cannot wait for the band to return to Canada!

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On behalf of AMBY, I’d just like to say thanks so much Lovelife, for not only giving us your answers, but also a great time and show! LVLF, you are fantastic x

Alicia Atout

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