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Hands OutHello readers of AMBY. My name is Steven and I play the drums, loop noises and (sort of) sing in the band Hands Out. My two good friends, Adam and Stephen, help me make a racket by forcing lovely sounding guitars through disgusting sounding pedals. We will be playing our first gigs this month (May 2013) to a bunch of sweaty people from the towns we grew up in.

Here’s a quick history of the band, I shall try to keep things brief. Adam and I have played in bands together since we were about 15, that’s half of our lives. We’ve played in a few Punk bands and one Post Rock band, I guess Hands Out is a mixture of the two. I met Stephen when he put on a DIY show in Stoke under the name Wrongpop, he’s put on shed loads of amazing bands like Part Chimp, Ox Scapula, This Ain’t Vegas and Bilge Pump. With all three of us recently moving to London, we thought we’d have a bash at making some music. So far we’ve released a self-titled album and a double A-side single, ‘Are You Impressed? / Joy’. Go to to listen.

It’s pretty easy to hear that we’re not a polished outfit. All of our songs we’re recorded in my bedroom, it’s a pretty LO-FI operation we’ve got going and I can’t see things changing, it seems to work.

Go and listen and thanks for reading.

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