Getting Cozy With… Michael and the Wild Roses!

M4034S-4211Hi, this is Michael of Michael and the Wild Roses. This is a brand new music project that debuted this year so you’re in on the ground floor! We make acoustic textures with a bite. The plan is to put out a series of smaller releases on garage labels before the big first album. I’m pretty into collecting records and the DIY aspect of things so soon enough there will be plenty of early rare Michael and the Wild Roses releases that will be passed around the collecting universe. Earlier this year we partnered with Mystical Records to put out our debut EP “American Matador.” You can find it on iTunes or better yet grab a physical copy from Mystical Records’ webstore! Thanks for listening.

Let me know if you need anything else! I noticed one of these getting cozy with included the band’s email so if it’s okay we would like to include ours: Thanks again!


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