You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Beach Vacation”

Beach VacationBeach Vacation formed after performing in a high school talent show and within two weeks of recording on GarageBand, were released by a label in the U.K. Their debut EP, Maritime, was launched via Bandcamp on the 29th of April. The colorful array of soothing vocals, surfy guitar riffs and rockabilly-esque drums has been received with open arms by summer loving crowds around the world. The young surf rockers mastered a well-rounded wave of four, happy-go-lucky tracks. Their sound can be compared to the likes of Beach Fossils, King Tuff, Dirty Beaches and of course, The Beach Boys (notice the common theme here). With their relaxed, sun baked sound, it is apparent in, Maritime, that the band hails from the West Coast, Whidbey Island, to be exact. Hopefully those of us who are close by will be lucky enough to see the band play live in some turquoise beach shack or maybe a sweaty, long-haired basement this summer.

Take a listen to these guys if you are feeling happy today and want some breezy tunes to take you by the hand and swirl about in smiles under the sun.

[bandcamp track=1382634709  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=9842bb size=venti]

Josefa Cameron

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