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Kodaline // TorontoAs many of you know, Kodaline are practically all over AMBY. It’s been fantastic working with the band over the past few months; we’ve previously interviewed them, and they spoke with us about their Five Favourite Fab Gigs. So, it was a pleasure meeting the band and interviewing them in-person last Tuesday in Toronto. Have a look at our video interview with Kodaline’s Steve Garrigan and Mark Prendergast, as we spoke about songs we cannot stand, favourite music videos, their upcoming record In A Perfect World, and funny-looking things they ate while on tour!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RdGgzyKeO4?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

After our interview, it was time for the show— front row, one of my favourite bands, and the excitement was continuously growing. I now understand why other AMBY writers have explained a Kodaline concert as purely incredible. Some bands on stage have a presence, but not all have a presence that’s easy to connect to. Kodaline on the other hand play music full of irresistible intrigue and love.

Their set was full of tight, soaring vocal harmonies, ethereal false-setto, and an unexplainable energy which simply made me feel a sense of joy. Each track sounded even better than on disc, and just watching the band doing what they truly love was inspiring.

Throughout their set, I anticipated my favourite Kodaline track, All I Want. To be completely honest, within a simple five minutes, it was hard to not get captured by the heartfelt lyrics and emotion the song conveys. The middle-eight of All I Want is my absolute favourite moment on The Kodaline EP (aside from the bizarre and captivating samples used on Lose Your Mind). When the band played the track live, it was great to see how powerful that middle-eight comes to life and takes you away.Kodaline // TO

It was an exciting day for me; I had the opportunity of interviewing Kodaline in-person, watching a brilliant gig, and lastly, meeting some friends of mine. If you can, be sure to catch Kodaline while they’re still on tour because I know many friends and family who have fallen in love with this band, and if you’ve yet to, take a second to, because there’s a genuine reason why tons of people love Kodaline.


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