Let Me Introduce You To… Mallory Knox

Mallory KnoxHere in the UK, we don’t quite know what summer is. Warm weather is a rarity, and our beaches aren’t terrific. For myself and many others though, summer does mean festivals, and if we’re honest, festivals are great. They are in my opinion, the best place to experience music. One off gig’s are great, and streaming isn’t bad, but there’s nothing quite like getting up and trudging across muddy fields and still unconscious fellow festival goers, before eventually finding solace in an oversized gazebo with some awesome music.

Whilst the majority of these festivals take place in the latter half of the summer, there are a few early, more reserved ones fast approaching. For example, in just under a week Slam Dunk Festival brings us the hottest and freshest rock music. After scouring the lineup, there were only a couple of bands I hadn’t heard of, and therefore needed to check out. Chief amongst them, were Mallory Knox. Although I had yet to hear anything the Cambridge band have produced, I had heard good things about them from friends. They have their fans on radio too. Radio 1 and Kerrang have been playing their music more and more. Zane Lowe in particular, remains a particular advocate of the five-piece.

Comprising of Mikey Chapman, Joe Savins, Sam Douglas, Dave Rawling and James Gillett, the band have began building a discography of hard-hitting rock anthems. Considering Mallory Knox have only been around for four years, they certainly know how to deliver. Their only full-length album to date, Signals, reached number 33 in the UK albums chart. Surprisingly high for a debut attempt from what had only recently started off as a local rock band.

In a scene which has featured few breakout artists, Mallory Knox possess a certain attitude, a quiet vigour, which holds them in good stead. Be it the confidently powerful vocals, or the respect for a decent guitar solo, Mallory Knox represent a tiring scene in a fresh way. The band feel like a comfortable midway point between Young Guns and Underoath. With Slamdunk Festival soon upon us, and T in the Park not long after, Mallory Knox should definitely be one of those bands you underline on your festival guide this year.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOtwSPOdvGQ?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

David Berry // @joeypeapot

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