Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013: We Like These Bands

179135_134402423367809_1190050671_n_20130329065245998Hello everyone, here’s another massive playlist for you! The title pretty much says it all- we like these bands… So check them out because we have a feeling you will, too! X

Olassa- Where Will I Live
Bad Valley- Sunrise
The Microdance- Yo Yo @ 26 !
Cold Fields- Egg Shells
Over the House- Split Lip
Better Looking People With Superior Ideas- City Song
SUN GIANT- Angel Woman
Audio Mime- I Could Not Speak
This Harbour- Hour of Moments
Dog On A Swing- Thanks
Michael and the Wild Roses- One More for the Road
The Session- Martinets Dream
Two Trick Horse- Promises
Those Amongst Us Are Wolves- And So You Thought, “The Sky’s The Limit”
The Difference- Shadows
Brokenwitt Rebels- Call Out the Sun
Kandma- Dedalo
Aidan Logan- Tell Me
Race the Flux- I Am Animation
Madness and the Film- London Town
Bernaccia- No Club
Leaving Party- Reverse
Sweat Panther Sweat Sweat- Camel
Captain Dangerous- Merrow Song
Social Potion- Drive Myself Home
The Anecdotes- Sepia Fields
Silent Noise Parade- Vultures

Alicia Atout

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