You’ve GOT to Hear This: “This Last Year”

PalmsThis Last Year by Palms

Palms are a band hailing from Sydney, Australia. There are many bands called Palms, but let this band be the one you listen to next. Known for their grungy song Love, dubbed as a song to get freaky to, and The Summer is Done with Us, a more summery (well, obviously) number, this band’s recordings will sound much like you’ve tossed a cassette into your 90s beatbox.

This Last Year bears the simple scrapbook-like style artwork that matches the art for their other singles, and we know they’ll come out with something powerful, something we have yet to really criticise. This Last Year is an angrier, more angst-filled song, and certainly a slower number, structured like a ballad. It encompasses emotions and feelings that can not only be felt through Alex’s vocals, but through the rough guitar riffs and the layers of sound throughout the track.

While it may be hard to make out some of the lyrics in the song, you’ll know that “this last year changed everything” belted out in a staccato growl only serves to evoke memories of that one person you probably regret meeting.

So yeah, it’s a love song. But we love love songs. Especially ones that are wonderfully vague but versatile, emotional, and not your ordinary tragic rock.

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