You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Rosie”

CastlecomerRosie by Castlecomer

Castlecomer are a pop rock band from Sydney, Australia – dubbed as Australia’s next big band – and recently finished up a tour following the release of their song Rosie. What, haven’t heard it yet? Pause whatever you’re listening to and give Rosie a listen now. Your feet will start “dancing by themselves”, as a Soundcloud user commented on Castlecomer’s Soundcloud, where you can hear the track.

Catchy rhythm guitar opens the song, highlighting the beat and maintaining the foot-tapping and leg-jiggling you’ve probably already started doing, if you haven’t gotten up and started boogying yet. The song has clear funky keyboard-playing, tossed in right from the first verse, and light, sprightly percussion. Another thing that will tickle your eardrums apart from the obvious alliteration of the lyrics ‘ring around Rosie’ and repetition of the name Rosie (she’s a lucky girl, isn’t she?) is the rolling of some of the r’s – such a lovely touch.

If you’re not moving by the second verse, let’s just assume you’ve been superglued to your seat, or are simply in amazement at how infectious the song is.

Following a second instance of the chorus adorned with light scatting, Rosie makes a shift in the bridge, stripping down to just the rhythm guitar, and a soothing serenade ensues, mentioning Rosie’s long wavy hair and the inability to contain heartwarming emotion for her. It fires right into the upbeat chorus again, and hopefully you’ve put this on repeat.

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