You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Half Moon Run”

Half Moon RunI was introduced to Half Moon Run by a close friend of mine, who has in the last year or so, proved a good source of gigabytes of new and often great music. The last batch was pretty massive, but I got through it all in a matter of days. A couple of bands stood out for me, among which were Half Moon Run. Initially, I was going to write this article on a single song, namely Drug You. However, as I began writing, I recalled how much I loved Full Circle (the track that caught my eye in the first place), as well as 21 Gun Salute. So, I decided that I’d just try to persuade folk to listen to the whole album.

Full Circle is the opening track on the Dark Eyes album, which is probably one of my favorite releases from 2012 (at least, that I know of; I don’t normally keep track of when albums come out), and it kicks off rather well. Full Circle is a beautiful combination of acoustic arpeggios, delay-heavy lead guitar, a rather nice backing beat, and some fantastic vocal melodies and harmonies. As a fan of the post-rock genre, it’s probably no surprise that the sections of the track that feature the delay-heavy guitar I mentioned are my favorites in the track (the solo/bridge section is probably my favorite section at the moment), but, of course, as one friend of mine put it, “I really like how they say “circle”. It’s cool.” Or, something along those lines.

Full Circle was originally my favorite track from the record, but at the moment, I’m finding myself growing increasingly fond of Drug You; the track itself is pretty subtle and somewhat ambient/atmospheric, and the more that I listen to it, the more I feel that it’s almost perfectly crafted. Once again, the vocal harmonies are sublime, but I find the instrumentation much more consistently enjoyable. Also, the falsetto vocals that feature during the latter sections of the song are rather hauntingly beautiful, if you ask me. There’s something about the vocals which follow that really get me, as well; I have a soft spot for any melody which appears to be divided into segments, whereby one member of a band will play a note, which is followed by another member of the band, and so on. That’s a rather poorly explained concept, so you’ll just have to listen to the track to figure out what the heck I’m talking about.

I don’t find 21 Gun Salute to be as consistently enjoyable as the other two tracks I’ve mentioned from the album, but the chorus of this, final track on the Dark Eyes album is one of the stand-out moments on the record regardless. Something about the way it seems to build and the keyboard playing a bass line in the background, coupled with the (as usual) fantastic vocals and really nice and subtle guitar playing inspire a rather uplifting mood.

Of course, there are plenty of other fantastic tracks on this album, I’m just picking out my favorites and trying to describe my favorite parts. Of course, I’m not doing them a whole lot of justice; you’re going to have to hear ‘em for yourself. I advise you do so, and that can be done here (you can either stream it or buy it).

They also have Facebook and Twitter, if you’re interested in keeping tabs on ‘em!

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