Getting Cozy With… TreeHead!

TreeHeadHey, this is T.T from TreeHead.

We started playing together in 2010 when my brother Joe and I decided to find some musicians to jam with in our hometown of Cambridge. Luckily we didn’t have to look far; I’d played with Adi, the lead singer, since I was 14 and went to sixth form with Count (our drummer). Jetson (our bassist) just so happened to be my best friends older brother.

I’m an indie kid at heart. Joe’s an old-school metalhead, Jetson a pure jazz musician and Adi a classic rock singer. As for Count, he just happened to love messing around with every beat under the sun. I’d like to think we’re an Indie Rock band but I’m sure Joe, Jetson, Adi and Count would probably say otherwise.

I’m sure your guess is better than ours…


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