You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Tusks”

TusksOne night while stuck working late, I was streaming CBC radio with the hopes that wonderful music would keep me awake and focused.  Always excited to hear something new that excited, I was luck enough to come across Tusks.  The track New to Old Money started playing and I was forced to stop what I was doing and bask.  Light, airy, melodic and in general very pleasing to the ear, I instantly started researching so I could hear more.

Fronted by vocalist Samir Khan, Toronto based Tusks also included Jordan Howard, Steven McKay and Shaw-han Liem.  Their 2012 release Total Entertainment is well worth a listen, and includes a great blend of lighter, harmonic music along with quirkier riffs and echoing melodies. Personal favourites off this album include Wake Them Up, Syllables, and of course the track that got me hooked New to Old Money.

Feel like hearing what Toronto has to offer? Then You’ve GOT to Hear This!

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Nadia Kaakati

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