Getting Cozy With… Formalists!

FormalistsTwice now we’ve been told that if we eat nothing but squid jerky, our intestines will fail.  We’ve been told this by medical professionals who care deeply for our well-being.  They say that we must eat vegetables or we will surely die.  They say it with severity and stern expressions.  They do not smile when they say this, and they do not allow us to bring squid jerky into their offices.  We understand this, although we wish they would allow us to bring squid jerky into their offices anyways.  We eat squid jerky because we think it’s disgusting to eat more then one type of food.  One day we would like to have our bodies and souls preserved and turned into something akin to squid jerky, so that another day they will be eaten by other musicians who share our beliefs.  Eating more then one type of food is gross. – Come check us out on June 22nd at the next wreckage night at the Rancho Relaxo.


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Alicia Atout

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