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Feature WallsHello hello from Feature Walls! We are a five-piece from Sydney. Officially, we were born just a few days ago but in fact are just a reincarnation of another band, whose name was too hard for people to remember. Feature Walls, got it?!

We live in the suburbs, within skateable distance of each other and combine to make groovy pop rock.

We just released our first single, which will be part of a 3 track EP. It’s called Jupiter and was inspired by reading about the privisation of space exploration and hearing the testimonies of executives and prominent Science braniacs like Stephen Hawking. They believe the future of humanity lies in the colonisation of other planets. Earth is doomed, with the impending death of the sun and catastrophic changes in temperature. They painted pictures of “oceans boil(ing) away to the vacuum of space…. Leaving desert wastelands behind.”

We felt outraged at the time. Maybe it’s true. Who knows at this point. We like Earth though. Shouldn’t we fight to keep it alive before we abandon it?

“Indie” points to us for getting all environmentalist just now. Jupiter’s a pop song so hopefully it’s acceptable to your ears. Say hi on Facebook!


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Alicia Atout

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