You’ve GOT To Hear This: “Second Bite of the Apple”

Beady EyeBeady Eye- Second Bite of the Apple 

I think I’ll never be content with either Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds or Beady Eye. I mean, perhaps if Noel Gallagher joined Beady Eye, then I’d be really into it. But for now, I think I’ll have to settle, and this new track is definitely going to keep me happy! Let’s just be clear though, the thought of a reunion is very much still on my mind.

Perfectly blending humour and catchy riffs, Beady Eye’s latest track is perfect for the British summer. Expect to sing-along to this one at festivals or just out with your friends in general. It’s quirky and perhaps a little bit silly at times but it’s undeniably fun. The tongue in cheek attitude it possesses is what makes it playful and will probably get you more interested for future releases!


Cultured Lad aka @aculturedlad

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