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PlaylistedAnother massive playlist! It has been way too long since I’ve put together my last playlist. In that time I’ve been introduced to so many awesome new songs. Some were new to me, and some were new to everyone! On a daily basis the many great bands around are adding to their catalog of tracks. Music is all about connecting with that song or band that really gets you going. So, this playlist has a large diversity of bands and musical styles. I am positive that whatever your musical tastes are, you’ll find something in here that will blow you away. Enjoy!

Orange Skyline – The Resurrection of the Wrong
Ruby Tuesday – Post Karma Blues
Midnight Hour – Jealous Girl (live)
Sergent Six – Man inthe Mirror
86’d – Fifth Avenue
Rock Bottom Risers – Resolve
Boondock Hippy – Space Jump
Fourth Circle – The Ugly Face of Britain
Bedroom Hour – Midnight Game
Clever Little Tramps – Whiskey and Heart Attack
Madness and the Film – London Town
The Broxton Hundred – She Brings the Light
Ali Ingle – Jekyll & Hyde
The Rivalry – It All Starts Here
Yellow Elevators – Waves
Kismet Ryding – Last Night’s Stains
High/Low – Sunshine Recorder
The Shallows – The Enemy
The Dunwells – Leaving the Rose
The Reads – Nothing Bound
The Box Tiger – Knives
Gullwings – Illegitimate Child
The Freelove Band – Bath Oliver
The Minx – No Friends
Love for Zero – Fear in Your Eyes
Vendettas – Give it Up

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

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