Getting Cozy With… The Microdance!

The MicrodanceHello Darling AMBY readers, Alex here form The Microdance. I hope you’re well.

TMD’s music has been described as ‘a quickening blend of shoegaze, alt rock, new wave, dream pop, psychedelia and heavy metal’. But the truth is that there is no stylistic limit to what we do.

I guess we’re really trying to bring you music that has both substance and style in an era when genuine emotional content and an interesting aural aesthetic seem to be mutually exclusive. In essence we want our music to read poetry to your soul and then fuck it!

We recently signed to In At the Eye Records and are working like mad wizards on our debut album; which promises to be at least one very big step up.

So… If you’re in it for the long haul and are after some longevity in your music, give us a go!


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Alicia Atout

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