Getting Cozy With… The Hot-Soul Psychos!

The Hot-Soul PsychosFormed in May of 2012, The Psychos (A nickname they have acquired due to their highly strung energetic shows) have really been making an impression on the Irish music scene and amongst other Irish acts. Their shows are loud, in your face, energetic, sweaty and most importantly funky.

“Everfunk Junior” was recorded by legendary bass player Tom Cosgrave, from Irish Rock N Roll trio “The Minutes”. It was also mastered by Aidan Foley, who has worked with bands such as U2, The Coronas, and Sinead O’Connor amongst other well known acts both international and national.

Gigs have been flying in for the Kildare trio and they were recently asked to take part in the “Fleadh Beag festival” which will be taking place in Waterford on July 13th.They will also get the chance to play alongside “Bi-Polar Empire” who will be headlining the festival. Other festivals include; The Galway Fringe Festival, Ballinamore Fringe Festival, Biker Rallys, Prosperous Music Festival and many more To Be Confirmed.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • Fleadh Beag Festival – Tramore – 18th July
  • Ballinamore Fringe Festival – Leitrim – August 23rd
  • Prosperus Festival – Kildare – August 24th


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