Getting Cozy With… Bang Bang!

Bang BangHi we’re Bang Bang, a four man indie Rock & Roll band with dirty riffs that make you feel physically violated in so many different ways. Just kidding, but watch out because that’s what we do with our time when we aren’t playing music. Our members are Colin Gorman, Stephen Hughes, Aidan McManus and Paraic Carey. We are currently recording our first E.P, releasing songs at different stages for free download. All going well it should be released by mid-summer! We’ve been friends since the age of 5 so we all hate each other at this stage. We jam in a caravan. It’s our place of worship, packed out with Amps, drums, Guitars, Cans, and empty Tobacco pouches. We have big plans for the summer and those plans are determined by the Redbull Bedroom Jam competition. If we get into the top 3 by Monday the 10th we will be playing at some of Irelands major festivals this summer.Then, we will proceed to the final with the chance of winning a record deal, thousands of euro worth of equipment and a support slot on a major Irish tour. So please help us out by Commenting, Liking, Sharing + retweeting our bedroom jam video! Check out our music and get your free downloads! Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy our stuff!


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