You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Bullshit Aside”

Lime CordialeBullshit Aside by Lime Cordiale

All bullshit aside, quite literally, Lime Cordiale’s new track is unique, emotional and musically well-written. It borrows elements from all scopes of music, yet still oozes the jazzy, reggae-like Lime style that we all know, complete with matching ‘Lime art’. If you haven’t yet buried your ears into the latest from this Sydney band, make sure you pummel into some of their back catalogue too, because this track is just a taste of what else this band is all about.

Fans will recognise Louis’ honey-like voice taking the lead. The track incorporates the synth, which plays a distinct role compared to Lime’s other releases — but not before we are introduced with the band’s signature brass sound. It amazes me that I have seen this band play live more than a handful of times, but listening to their recordings really makes you pick apart or dissect the various instruments and sequences.

There is a certain magic in the way this band utilises their instruments, and if you listen carefully, you’ll realise that it’s quite simple: this band hides nothing behind their sound. Their lyrics are honest and their vocals pure in execution.

The pre-chorus is adorned with backing vocals, leading beautifully into the chorus with the lyrics ‘I can see it spilling out of you, and it’s full of your love for me’. In the verses, nothing is held back. It storytells, it begs, but the chorus scolds. We hear a very varied bridge, which allows the drums to go wild and the keyboards to take a prominence.

While existing fans of the band will be keen for anything the band throws their way, if you’re a new listener, get ready to scrounge the internet for more of the band’s music, view all their YouTube videos and tell them how much you love them. There are so many gems of theirs that have not been officially recorded, but lie in their treasure trove of live videos. They’re full of surprises, so give them some love.

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