You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Witch Hunt”

Witch HuntWitch Hunt are a duo from Leeds, UK making a bit of a name for themselves with their dark sultry gothic melodies. The band consists of Louisa Osborn (guitar/ vocals) and Chris Mulligan (guitar/ vocals/ laptop).

What’s so immediately striking about Witch Hunt is how big a sound they’re able to generate from just the two of them on stage. Clearly influenced by acts such as The Kills and PJ Harvey, their sound can range from the sparse soothing clean guitar songs like “Basements”, to the industrial stomp of “Chairman” (their first single released in late 2012). Their second single “Crawl” was released in April of this year and is a stripped down sombre affair that weaves magic with it’s warm introspective guitar lines. Louisa’s voice, while angelic, is actually illustrating a dark tale here. Within the duality of her voice lies the power behind the music that packs a punch straight to the chest. There is something truly magical about this song and I still find it hard to put my finger on what exactly that is. Maybe it’s the bass line from the guitar in the chorus? I just don’t know, but it leaves me with that ‘Oh my God, there’s a rainbow waterfall pouring out of my heart!’-feeling, you know that one? B-side “Polly” has a hook that should in time have packed out festival tents singing along.

Not ones to be coy over their influences, Witch Hunt have delved into covering The White Stripes, not only on their secret bonus track (a cover of “I’m finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman”) but they also have been known to play under the name “Witch Stripes”, recently headlining the famous Brudenell Social Club in front of a sold out crowd on New Year’s Eve.

All of their music is self produced from their home in Leeds which is shared with members of the band Post War Glamour Girls. Chris has mentioned that being in such a musically productive household often proves top be a bit problematic for their neighbours, but who could complain about these two really?! The band have a great DIY ethic as seen through the release of their last single which came as a CD folded in a limited edition poster, bound with string which Chris and Louisa spent hours wrapping up themselves (sometimes on long train journeys between gigs between London and Leeds). Working alongside independent label Dead Young Records, the band are working towards and EP release soon so keep a keen eye out for that.

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