Getting Cozy With… Reichenbach Falls!

Reichenbach FallsAbe Davies (of Canadian descent but brought up in England) moved via Scotland and Spain to Oxford and discovered that there were a surprising number of people there with a penchant for the type of lyrical, messed-up folk-rock enjoyed by fans of Elliott Smith, Richard Buckner, The National and, well, Prince. Some of these people were amazing musicians/engineers/producers, and a solo acoustic project turned into a full-band record involving members of Candy Says, The Dreaming Spires, Goldrush, Viarosa and Cornershop. The ‘I’ll Never Go Anywhere Without Her Now’ EP was released in February 2013, and we were psyched to be picked as a ‘favorite new band’ by The 405 and Thank Folk For That among others. We’re even more psyched to be in the process of mixing our first LP, ‘Reports of Snow’, and we hope to have it with you in the autumn. Thanks for listening!


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Alicia Atout

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