Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Waylayers

WaylayersIf you have not familiarized yourself with East London trio Waylayers, now is the perfect time to do so.  Their sound is an ethereal and texturally rich offering, dabbling in indie pop smothered with melodically fortified electronica.  Excited for the release of their new EP, Fault Lines, on July 1st, AMBY spoke to Waylayers about floating balls, Colonel Chris Hadfield, and Harry’s size 16 feet.

AMBY: Hello Harry, Dave, and Joe! Thanks for chatting with AMBY. What’s the band been up to lately?

Waylayers: We’ve been rather busy putting the finishing touches to our new 6 track EP called ‘Fault Lines’ and recording the new video for the track S.O.S with director Alex Brown.

AMBY: How would you describe each band member in one word?

Harry: Bonkers

Joe: Charming

Dave: Industrious

AMBY: Your upcoming EP Fault Lines will be released soon! How pumped are you for its release?

Waylayers: It’s been a long time since our last release, so very pumped! It’s going to be exciting finding out what the reception is.

AMBY: What can fans expect to hear from the EP?

Waylayers: Euphoric melodies and a few hooks thrown in for good measure. Love.

AMBY: Magnets is a seriously good tune. What’s the song about?

Waylayers: It means different things to different people at different times of the day. Usually love is the underlying theme in this batch / ep. Not all our songs though!

AMBY: What was the inspiration behind the track’s video?

Waylayers: We love floating balls. Pure and simple. We wanted to work with Alex because he’s such a stylistic video director. So we went with his vision really. We were so impressed with his work, that we went to him again for our new video to S.O.S which you could say is grander and more ambitious.

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

Waylayers: The Beatles in the Cavern in 1962 but with us playing higher up the bill. Do you think it will happen?

AMBY: Who’s your must-follow on Twitter?

Waylayers: Colonel Chris Hadfield. It’s amazing watching him float around with a guitar in his spaceship.

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

Waylayers: Harry forgot to bring his keyboard to the gig once. It was funny to start with, but the sound-guy hated us, and sabotaged the whole show!

AMBY: You recently announced that you’ll be playing the Isle of Wight Festival! Aside from this, what has you excited for the rest of 2013?

Waylayers: We’re going to be headlining Club NME at Koko the night before Isle of Wight; we can’t wait for that. I think we’re booked for nearly 20 festivals in the UK alone this year – from the end of May through to September we are pretty much on the road non-stop. There is also talk of our first headline tour being routed for the UK in November.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Waylayers that nobody knows yet?

Waylayers: Harry has size 16 feet.


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15 June 2013  –  Isle Of Wight Festival, Isle Of Wight, UK
​16 June 2013  –  Isle Of Wight Festival, Isle Of Wight, UK
22 June 2013  –  Beach Break Live Festival, Newquay, UK
26 July 2013  –  Kendal Calling Festival, Kendal, UK
27 July 2013  –  ​Redfest Festival, Surrey, UK
​03 August 2013 – Y Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK


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