You’ve GOT To See This: “Still Life”

AppleTreeAppletree’s Andrés Cárdenas: This video was made by our friend Gabriel Muelle who followed us with his camera for a couple of weeks in Bogotá. He put some shots together and then put everything in a VHS tape. How cool is that? We can relate the aesthetic of the video with that of Sebadoh’s Rebound or the legendary Yuck – at room 205. Now, about the song, “Still Life” is the second track of our first EP “Draft”, which was released last year. I didn’t know “Still Life” was the painting style that in Spanish we call “naturaleza muerta” (dead nature) until I read it in an art book. I thought it could be the perfect name for one of our songs, the one that was a bit sad or melancholic because sometimes life is like these paintings. It looks very well organized and perfect but the truth is it can be artificial and perhaps empty.


Appletree- Still Life

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