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Millie MandersHi there AMBY!

Thanks in advance for reading and taking an interest in my music.

Writing a letter to the ether to tell you all a bit more about me, I have to say, feels a little strange, but I like it!

I have been singing and song writing for 15 years now, and I have been collaborating with my guitarist, Nzoyi for 10 of those. Previously we were in a band, but for the last two years I have been pursuing a solo career and Nzoyi has stuck with me, best friend through and through.

I have been playing music since I was 5, dabbling with the piano and saxophone and achieving grade 5 on the clarinet before turning my attention to vocals.

My songs reflect my life experiences ranging from the people I meet, fashion trends and bitter relationships (we’ve all had one or two, right?) and later on this year there will be a Christmas one too!

I released my first solo EP at the end of April this year along with a video for the title track ‘Demon’, and I am looking to release at least one more single and another EP before the year is out!

This summer holds lots of wonderous fun for me, as I will be performing at the Gypsy In The Field and Hinckley festivals respectively, and going on tour with 5 other unsigned acts all over the UK and a date in Paris thrown in for good measure! Look out for anything referring to The Brought To You Tour to see if I will be in a town near you!

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to email me through the contact section of my website, and I will email you back with a free track.

Once again, thank you for your interest and your support! Lots of love to you…



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