You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Skeleton Flowers”

Tales of Murder and DustSkeleton Flowers by Tales of Murder and Dust

Skeleton Flowers is the new four track EP from Denmark-based psych-rock/shoe-gaze band Tales of Murder and Dust.

The EP opens with a track called Tremblin’ which, with its opening notes, immediately establishes a somewhat trance-inducing, almost ethereal tone that echoes through the entirety of the EP.

Through breathy, reverb-heavy vocals, subtle and solid drum and bass work, and often effect-heavy guitar parts, the band has succeeded in constructing an incredibly dreamlike soundscape, which seems to draw influence from a variety of sources; the band’s style encompasses elements of a variety of genres, including psychedelic, shoe-gaze, and styles that (due to a limited vocabulary or experience with the form) I can only describe as having an almost ‘Eastern’ feel (this is most notable in Like Young Gentle Beasts).

Listening to Skeleton Flowers is an almost surreal experience at times, and it’s incredibly easy to lose yourself to its rather mesmerizing qualities. As a fan of Hallucination of Beauty, the band’s last release, I was quite looking forward to hearing this EP, and I was not disappointed.

You can stream/buy/download the EP here. Check out the band on Facebook!

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Vincent Hughes

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