Playlisted: #nowplaying (v2)

PlaylistedI often get sidetracked in my own listening adventures, and very often do so in my playlist formation too. I’ll think of a great topic and begin selecting tracks. Pretty soon one of the early, topical tracks will remind me of something else, I’ll deviate from the topic, and head off in a completely different direction. Looking back at some recent #nowplaying tweets I’ve done on Twitter, I found an interesting progression. Beginning in a bit of a rock mood, I stayed with it for just a little bit, then kind of transitioned into a series of lower tempo tracks, then acoustic, then right back out to guitars and drums. I recall it being a very pleasant listening experience. I hope AMBY’s readers find this musical journey just as fun! Enjoy!

The Freelove Band – Sail out to Sea
The 86’d – Lucille
The Nomads – La Positive
Sisteray – Yellow Sunshine
Delamere – Colour Me In
Red Sails – She Had It All
Thomas McConnell – Penelope Definitely
Ruby Tuesday – Delusions
The Ruckus – Must be the Music
Selective Service – Crosshairs

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Michael Dakin // @SirMop26

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