Getting Cozy With… She Drew the Gun!

She Drew the GunHi I’m Louisa, from She Drew the Gun, my solo project based here in Liverpool, England, which at the moment consists of me, a guitar and a laptop. I spent the last few years in bands, mostly playing bass working on other peoples songs, but found myself drawn to writing more of my own. A few months ago I put the first SDTG sounds online and started playing my music at gigs, making new connections and seeing new paths opening. It feels very open ended I don’t know where it will lead and who will be involved, even what it will sound like in the end, I just have to put a bit of faith in the songs and see where they go, I am happy as long as I’m writing. People have described my music in really cool ways, stylistic stuff like ‘glacial blues’ or ‘lo-fi lullabies’, or they have said things about it taking them on a personal journey through their own memories, things like that, I think to have your lyrics and the way you perform them connect with someone, is the feeling that fuels the journey. At the moment I have a couple of songs you can hear online, and more coming soon would love to hear what you AMBY readers think. Much love SDTG xx


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