Getting Cozy With… The Venetian!

The VenetianIt’s a mix between rock & opera, the real and theatrical, welcome to the world as seen through the yes of The Venetian. This anomaly’s obsession with music started at the age of 15 with classic artist such as Queen and The Beatles. Originally from Venice, Italy The Venetian moved to Los Angeles to further his musical career. While furthering his studies at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood, The Venetian recorded his debut album, “I Wanna Tell You A Story”. It’s a concept album where death and love are emphasized with a strong warm voice and a crispy guitar sound. It tells the tale of a young man and his father. He’s currently back in the studio working on his latest EP, this time drawing inspiration from the late Edgar Allen Poe. The new EP, simply being referred to as The Valley, is expected to release July 9th, 2013. It’s a concept EP, based off if the poem The Valley of Unrest by Edgar Allen Poe, where The Venetian tells the tale of a man who comes across an abandoned town, that is both familiar and strange to him.


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