You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Surf and Sway”

Teen SensationsSurf and Sway by Teen Sensations

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like The Beach Boys, because I do. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t like The Beatles (unless you’re my mother, but that’s another story). So it comes across as a bit odd for me to recommend a song by a band called Teen Sensations, who, as their own tagline clearly announces, sound like they’re fresh out of high school with no place to go.

Teen Sensations hails from Brisbane (with the mention of The Beach Boys, the sunny city seems fitting, right?), Australia. The band’s members are Jerry Sensation, Corky Sensation, Georgie Sensation and Your Sensation. Make what you will of their names, but vocalist and guitarist “Jerry” is none other than our genius friend Jeremy Neale, whose talent is no secret. Fronting rock band Velociraptor and having a successful solo career, it’s not surprising that he is a member of yet another band.

Surf and Sway is a track that feels like the beach delicately falling out of a shell into your ears. Think jazz, think literal surfing (surfing the Internet, if you like), think summer, and love songs, and you have Surf and Sway, a bopping but bittersweet ballad that borrows from sounds like The Beach Boys. The simplistic melodic guitar is teamed with crooning vocals and perfectly layered “bup bup, ba bup bup” (don’t lie, you’re hooked). With a very distinct surf-pop/jazz style that has a touch of Otis Redding and that bluesy sound, it’s up to you which part you choose to sing, or how you choose to move to the music. But chances are, the song will have won you over before you can even decide.

You can feel the nostalgia and the essence of a love song communicated in the lo-fi 60s-style music video for the song. Get a feel of the vocals, dance in the same swaying way, and see the boys fill that seemingly vast emptiness in an old hall with their own version of Unchained Melody, jazzy-surf style.

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