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Cassels // SeasickHi there,

We’re called Cassels… Well no, actually we’re called Jim Beck and Loz Beck. As you may have gathered from the shared surname we’re brothers, but we’re a band too.

We’ve been ‘together’ since we were tiny kids but up until recently that’s just consisted of bashing out some tunes in our bedroom in the middle of the countryside. At the end of last year though we relocated to big scary London after we realised we actually had a pretty descent band going on.

Since then our time has mostly been spent recording super lo-fi demo’s (one of which is now avaliable for free) on a 4 track and playing the occasional gig. Recently we managed to get into an actual studio to do some actual recording though (do have a listen, we hope you like it) and are starting to gig regularly off the back of this. So, if you’re ever in London with nothing to do, see if we’re playing somewhere and if we are then come say ‘hi’. We’ll say ‘hi’ back and hopefully we’ll hit it off and be best friends for life.

Also we’re part of this collective/label thing with some other cool bands you might like called ‘Camp Bassein’. We should be releasing something through them in the near future, so check ’em out and keep your eyes peeeled.

Thanks very much to AMBY for having us and thanks to you if you read all of that.


(Jim and Loz)


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