You’ve GOT to Hear This: “OLIVER”

Photo by Cécile Bouffard.

AMBY’s been pretty busy lately, and I have to say I’m pretty astonished and delighted with how many interviews, reviews, and articles we’ve been pumping out. While writing an interview intro this morning, it hit me that it’s been a bit since I wrote a You’ve GOT to Hear This. So there I was thinking of a band people have GOT to hear, and then the perfect band came to mind. It’s time we wrote about the wondrous sounds of OLIVER.

This indie-pop quartet hail from Paris, France. When thinking of similar vibes to OLIVER, The Drums and Grouplove come to mind. So far, OLIVER have two songs on SoundCloud— Pom Pom, and What Sound For That Song—which are the perfect tunes for summer. Their whole sound has a ringing undertone of joy. The vocals are infectiously carefree and take themselves throughout cheerful melodies. Their guitar riffs are great as they drive the vocals right into upbeat choruses. But, the part I enjoy most about their sound I how each song is hit with a charming touch of bubbly basslines. And if you listen carefully to their lyrics (especially in Pom Pom), you may just find a new favourite piece of lyrical gold.

To state it simply, OLIVER will make you happy, give you music to dance around to, and they deliver lovely melodies worth a listen. And that is why you’ve GOT to hear this!

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