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Go VioletsJosie by Go Violets

In a previous feature we mentioned Go Violets as the lovely vocalists behind Jeremy Neale’s tune In Stranger Times. This four-piece girl band from Brisbane are quite underrated. Their lo-fi pop tunes are sweet and simple, but makes them a breeze to weave into your daily routine (that is, if you have one). Even if you’re not a movie buff, there is no denying that Go Violets’ latest single Josie sounds fresh out of a 90s chick flick.

The band’s lo-fi sound makes their tunes seem a little retro. If you dig up their older tracks Leo and Shake A Leg, you can feel the structure of a slow ballad and the delicate vocals of a girl pop band. Josie is different — it’s more upbeat, it has more volume and depth, and for followers of the band, a growth in their music becomes evident.

Slightly fuzzy guitars and enchanting vocals really add to this song. Vocal variation occurs in the second verse when vocals escalate a few semitones up. Everyone knows a little repetition makes for a catchy chorus, and the name “Josie” (or “Josephine”) is far from your ordinary “Mary”, “Sarah”, “Angel” and other typical, more common names used in music. We like a bit of mystery, and Josie is just that. Go Violets execute the song with confidence that they’ve written a hit, and it isn’t even three minutes long.

If there’s anything I dislike about these girls, it’s that their songs are very short in duration. But I won’t lie — after seeing them live, I know that there are some gems in their pieces. Make sure you take a moment to watch the 90s-style music video — or watch and listen at the same time — to get a glimpse of the rockin’ attitudes of these gorgeous gals.

With a more matured sound, Josie is an example of where the girls are headed now. They’re in control. Rather than being girl pop, they have shown their potential to flavour into more power-pop and pop-rock, or build what could be a new genre — defined in their Twitter biography as “bunny rock pool pop”. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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