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nvmeriČau AMBY readers! That is the most common greeting we use here in Slovakia. Slova-what? you may say. Yep, you probably never heard of such country but if you’re curious it’s a tiny spot somewhere in the middle of Europe. How tiny? Next time you take a trip from Montreal to Toronto think of us, you’d made it from border to border here. Oh and ice hockey is a #1 national sport here but that’s the only thing I can think of we have in common.

Our name is NVMERI and we play Electronic Indie Pop. If you dig melodies and complexity of the songs from the late 70s you might check our first album which has been out for a few weeks. Well, it’s not really the first one. We changed the name of the band from “The Uniques” a couple of months ago. Because we just had to. Our previous album “From The Dust” has won some awards around here and this and that but let’s get back to presence.

We’re so proud of the book we released with the album, because it’s filled with the illustrations and pictures from our most talented fans and that made us really happy. Check our bandcamp and see for yourself.

We believe this is the first post about us in Canada and we’re so excited about that. We’d love to come and play a few gigs and show you our new light show we programmed to our music. We just came back from a small tour around here and our eyes (as well as ears) will need some time to recover.

Pleasure to talk to you

Čau! [Ciao]

Pišta / Pavel / Miro


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