Getting Cozy With: Slaves

SlavesHi, Hello, how are you? We are Slaves. (Laurie and Isaac)

The garden of England (Kent) is our home.

My names Laurie and I play guitar, my better half (in this two piece) is Isaac, he sings and plays the drums. He stands up whilst he plays drums too, he’s great.

We are loud.

Some of our most notable influences are jacket potatoes, other people and things that happen to them, own brand sandwich fillings, slot machines, slowed down clips of ourselves and other bands that we like.

Recently we were allowed to headline the barfly. People were flying through the air and ripping t-shirts of themselves, sort of like the hulk. There was also a plentiful river of sweat flowing round the room. It was a lot of fun.

There is a collection of songs we did a year ago available on iTunes and Spotify called Sugar Coated Bitter Truth it’s a raw insight to where we started and what we are like.

Currently we are in the studio mixing demos we have just recorded… ON A BOAT! #lightship95 There are lots of other things happening in slavesville too such as videos, tour plans and a FREE song that can be downloaded from our BandCamp.

We hope to meet you at a show soon.


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