The Sole Pursuit: Video Interview & Concert Review

The Sole Pursuit // The Horseshoe Tavern // 21.06.2013

The Sole Pursuit

The Sole Pursuit played Toronto’s The Horseshoe Tavern June 21st, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle Dawe (vocals, guitar) after soundcheck and before the set. With a glittery backdrop, beers out of the shot, and another band member watching the interview from behind the camera, Kyle and I talked about the pre-Napster era, the EP’s references to Brampton, and sibling fistfights.

The Horseshoe Tavern was a good place to be on the first day of summer; an assortment of local bands (Shark Week, The Sole Pursuit, The Good Fridays, Meeko Cheech, Broken Arrows) filled the classic venue with a cool mix of music.

The Sole Pursuit had the 10 PM slot, and although the Horseshoe hadn’t quite filled up at that point, those in attendance were totally into the indie alt-rock/pop tunes.

The band kicked off their set by wishing everyone a “happy fucking Friday” and playing “The Second Renaissance,” which can be found on their EP Opposing Force (2013). Up next was “Redestroyer”—a song not on the EP, though it easily melds with the style of Opposing Force—followed by the riff-catchy “It Wanes.”

The band also had an impressive amount of energy: the drummer had a look of complete engagement on his face as he smashed away on the skins, while Dawe succeeded in getting the audience clapping and singing along as he played, sung, and sweat the music out. That energy definitely bled into the crowd—evident when one girl began solo-dancing in the pocket of empty space between audience and stage, high-fiving the bassist after a song.

They ended their set on a strong note with “Unabashedly Unafraid” (interestingly, it’s the track that opens their EP) and with the audience cheering.

Some tech issues during set-up meant that The Sole Pursuit only got to play a quick set (just under 30 minutes), but you can take a listen to Opposing Force in its entirety over at their BandCamp page, and check out AMBY’s interview with Kyle Dawe above!

Leah Edwards

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