Getting Cozy With… Black Hi-Lighter!

Black Hi-LighterBlack Hi-Lighter was created in 2010, by original members James Poulos (Vox + guitar) and Mark Reback (drums) in the creative hub that is Los Angeles’ eastside. They’ve since added bassist David Wright, and lead guitarist Eric Liljestrand to the line-up. The band’s latest full-length record BITE THE BULLET, released on 3/19/13, was produced by Grammy-winner Eric Liljestrand, and Amoeba Music described it like this: “Highland Park’s own glitter-garage contenders bust out with a tuff slice of classic stomp n’ roll! James’ vocals channel the sneer and howl of Bowie or Suede, while the band churns out pummeling, no-nonsense trash riffs in the engine room. Hot stuff, could be big!” Alternative Press magazine said “BITE THE BULLET might be the best glam rock album of 1974.” Six different songs from the record have been getting radio airplay on several college and internet stations, such as the BuzzBandsLA program on Moheak Radio, along with podcasts like “Straight To Your Head” out of the UK, and the web series “Dates Like This”.


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